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Emu Oil for Massage

Emu massage oil is a great addition to any massage experience. It has a great healing benefits of the skin and it will also enhance relaxing nature of the massage.

Massage oil is certainly not a new idea, and some men of old like Homer, Plato and Socrates all have references to the use of massage oil as a means of gaining relief from pain. Using a massage lotion with emu oil will also help to nourish the skin, promote the general good health as well as facilitation of a much more gliding massage.

Some chiropractors who use emu oil for massage are reporting that the oil relaxes the muscles really well and this helps the treatment to hold for a longer time, and since it does not have the offensive odours that some oils do have, it is a much more pleasant product to use.

The anti inflammatory properties, and the ability of the oil to penetrate deeply into the skin, makes emu oil ideal for massage, it also provides vitamin E and omega 3, 6 and 9 that are essential for healthy skin. And since emu oil will not clog the pores of the skin, while providing so many other benefits, it is an ideal produce to use in any massage situation.

A massage lotion with emu oil is the perfect choice if you are using massage to help with ailments such as arthritis. Some professional sports teams as well as Chiropractors are reporting that they are getting very good results from using emu oil in their professions and that their patients get the relief from pain that they seek after having applied a topical application of this remarkable oil.

Do you use emu oil for massaging?

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